Letourneau Freshmen Volunteer in Longview

The program called Freshmen Forging Friendships is a time honored tradition for incoming Letourneau University students... a working way to introduce themselves to people in the community. "It's important for them as future leaders and as leaders currently to impact society and culture and one of the best ways to do that is to find needs in the community and meet those needs," according to Dr. Brent Ellis of Letourneau University.

Over 350 of Longview's newest residents were out in full force volunteering their time and energy doing clean-up projects like raking leaves, painting homes for the elderly, and meeting people in their adopted town along the way. "I think its good because we can become a part of the city and the community instead of being secluded on a college campus," New York freshman Chuck Trowbridge says.

Every state in the union is represented by this year's freshmen and although they haven't attended one class yet, for many it was an educational experience. The event is designed to initiate new students into the mind set of Letourneaus tradition of Christian leadership through community service, and the kids got the message right away.

Bob Hallmark reporting.