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Home Products Show offers neat gadgets

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - ‘Tis the season for the Tyler Area Builder's Association's Home Products show. This weekend at the Harvey Convention Center you can get all kinds of ideas for upgrading, or just changing up your house.

Home is where the heart is, and deep in your heart, you know home is where you want to be. So, who doesn't want to make it as nice, or cool as possible? They have plenty of nice, and cool, like this funky ceiling fan.

Jion Dietz with Fixture This said," This is the new fan called the Extraordinaire. It's perfect for small areas, indoor outdoor utility rooms, master closets where you need that little extra air flow. Rotates 360 degrees."

"It looks like it's looking for something," I observed.

"It does resemble that, " Jion agreed.

There are new designs on wall sconces, and even ceiling fan bling. You can get free tips and advice from a builder, find out about solar power and efficient insulation.

If you're a techie and love to find reasons not to get up, you'll love this: A remote that can tune in your whole house.

"Control all the lighting in your house or just one room with the touch of a button," declared Andy Tyndall with Cross Systems Audio Visual Services, "In addition to music, we can also do video. We can throw photos up there as well."

"Will it put the kids to bed?" I asked.

"Yes, it can. Literally, you send the kids to bed, and you can turn off their room with the touch of a button," Andy answered.

Well, I bet it can't flush a toilet.

"Takes a little bit of extra set up, but we can do it."

It can control your heat and A.C., your pool chemicals, and maybe your mind if you're not careful.

The Home Products Show runs Friday from 6 to 9, Saturday from 10 to 5, and Sunday from 1 to 5. It's five dollars for adults, and three for twelve and under.

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