Prices At The Pump On The Rise

"They're too high."

"Just overnight they went up like 10,15 cents."

"I think they are just ridiculous going up this high."

"It's not fair to the public."

"They stink."

Premium prices have East Texans mad, but prices skyrocketed all day long with regular unleaded going anywhere from $1.49 all the way to a $1.69. Customers watched prices change from $1.49 to $1.53 in just a matter of minutes this morning. That sent tempers flying.

"There's not a truck out here putting new gas in, so were just pumping what's already in the tank -- yet they can still raise the prices."

"Somebody wants to make a profit I guess."

The national retail price per gallon increased 5.6 cents over the last week and prices are up 24 cents from a year ago. Gas companies say the higher prices are a result of last weeks blackout, along with refinery shutdowns in California and pipelines shut downs in Arizona.

"That's just excuses. I don't think there is any real reason for that to cause the prices to go up."

"I think it's just the big companies that are just gouging the people."

For people on a budget, pumped up prices hurt the pocketbook.

"I don't go as much. That little social security check don't cover it."

"I cut back on things, going to the movies and stuff like that."

The government warned today prices could still go up over the next few weeks but they hope they'll finally simmer down by the end of September.