Jury Favors Smith County Sheriff In "Bail Bondsmen" Suit

A Tyler Federal Jury has ruled in favor of Sheriff J.B. Smith in a civil suit filed by local bail bondsmen. After four days of testimony, it took the jury only forty minutes to determine there was no substance to allegations Smith, Chief Deputy Bobby Garmon and the county conspired to monopolize the bail bond business. Several bail bondsman filed the suit claiming the sheriff's department favored one company over theirs. Smith says despite the quick verdict, he still does not feel vindicated. It's another frivolous lawsuit," says Sheriff Smith. "Do I feel vindicated? No. Because I just don't think justice has been done for us. Maybe we'll have to go back to court to get justice for the public and for us and for the moral of my people." Weeks ago, Sheriff Smith and Chief Garmon filed a defamation of character suit in state court against a number of bail bond companies. Smith gave every indication today he will continue with that suit despite today's victory in Federal Court.