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UPDATE: 80K cat found in Longview

LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) – She costs more than some houses, and now, a very rare, and expensive cat is missing in East Texas.

A 22-pound Hybrid Savannah Cat, named Motzie, has been missing since getting out of a hotel room Wednesday night at the Motel 6 in Longview.

Motzie is worth an estimated $80,000, but the companionship she gives her owner, is priceless.

"He's my best friend and my partner," says Deborah Ann Milette.

Deborah's constant companion for the last 5 years has been Motzie, a rare Hybrid Serval-Savannah cat.

"He is a very unique cat—a very intelligent breed," Deborah explained, "I got him when he was 20 months old… he's my personal service animal certified by the VA.

Late Wednesday night, the door to Deborah's hotel room didn't close properly and Motzie got out.

"Motzie saw a crack in the door and he took his claw and it opened," says Deborah, "He ran over here and I lost sight of him, and I thought he went in the sewer."

Deborah says Motzie had never ran off before, and she believes that traffic frightened him, and he's simply too scared to come out now.

Deborah called Jackie Lynch with Animal Control, who did the only thing she could do, "We went ahead and set a trap, and I actually had the owner put the food into a small bowl just so it will have the owner's smell on it, and hopefully, that will entice the cat more."

Two hours after our interview with Deborah, Motzie was spotted a short distance away, but disappeared again.

For Deborah, it's like losing a family member, "He keeps my life sane…I'm not moving until he comes back."

As of 3:15 p.m on Friday, Feb. 24, Motzie has been found and returned to his owner.

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