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08/21/03 - Longview

No Lockers at Jefferson Junior High

For almost as long as kids have been going to school there has been the old stand-by; the school locker; your own private storage bin and personal catch-all. But this hallowed sanctuary is a thing of the past at Jefferson Junior High.

"We've decided to eliminate lockers this year main reason is time... passing time, kids can go back and forth in the hallways without wasting a lot of time at their lockers" says principal Johnny McCoy.

Students will now check out their textbooks directly from the classroom for study or homework. "At first it was kind of hard because I kept thinking I had to go to my locker... then I got used to it", according to 8th grader Calvin Smith.

The locker traditionally was where kids stored their bag lunch, jackets and assorted trash. And without it, where are little girls going to pass love letters to little boys? "Well i guess I'll just have to pass them in the hall", says 7th grader Terra Walker.

The move is designed to eliminate lost time from kids congregating near lockers. Everything from lunches to overcoats will be stored in classrooms. And its a move to stop weapons or drugs from getting on campus. Suprisingly students don't mind the change.

Bob Hallmark, reporting.

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