Another Person Diagnosed With West Nile In East Texas

The second human case of West Nile Virus has been confirmed in East Texas. This most recent case affected a woman in northern smith county.

The health department says the woman lived just outside the Tyler city limits, between Highway 14 and Gentry Parkway.

The Department of Health is already taking action in her neighborhood, treating the area for mosquitos and trying to pin-point potential mosquito breeding sites.

Channel 7's Med Team Doctor Ed Dominguez says people shouldn't panic about getting West Nile now that a case has been confirmed in Smith County, because its not contagious.

"What we've noticed is, even though a lot of people will get bit by a mosquito infected with west nile, only a small number will develop changes in their behavior and require admittance to hospital."

A Gregg County woman was diagnosed with west nile as well, just a few weeks ago.