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8/21/03 - Tyler

Credit Scam Hits E-mail Users in East Texas

E-mail users, you may want to watch out, the Better Business Bureau has a warning out about a phony mass e mail.

Gene Miller, of Tyler, recently received an e-mail from what appeared to be his credit card company, Citibank.

The e mail asked him to accept new terms and conditions for his "checking account" and provide them with some personal information.

That was suspicious and why he alerted the Better Business Bureau.

"One of the things I had a no checking account, I had a credit account with them but no checking account which it referred to and that made me suspicious," says Gene Miller.

Kay Robinson says the e-mail is fake and that the logos have been stolen.

"And what they are doing is either asking you to verify your personal or private information or update it and of course when you furnish them the information, they've got it," says Kay Robinson, BBB.

Gene is relieved he didn't become a victim.

The BBB contacted Citibank and the company says they would never request sensitive financial information, especially the first four digits  of your ATM card via email.

If you're a Citibank customer and this scam has happened to you, contact Citibank customer service.

Dana Dixon Reporting

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