17 Year Kelly Springfield Employee Hopeful About Three Year Contract

Five months of little job security at Kelly Springfield has taken its toll on Bud Allred, his wife and twins.

"With the amount of turmoil we've been going thorough and the uncertainty, especially with the plant closure," says Bud Allred, 17 year Kelly Springfield employee.

But on Wednesday night, Bud finally had good news to bring home to his family. At the least, three more years at Kelly is what he was hoping for. And he's confident the agreement will be ratified and he'll get the chance to continue his career as an electrician at the Kelly plant.

"Just taking that deep breath at least we'll have an opportunity to save our plant, make it profitable that's my job security," says Bud.

Security the entire Allred family hasn't felt in months. Even his girls knew times were tight. And his wife knew the emotional toll Kelly negotiations were taking on her husband.

"I don't think I can express how important it is for us," says Dina Allred. "I work and that's good there's a lot of families that don't. We've set up a standard of living for our children and we want to offer them everything that we can and Kelly we rely on them for that."

There was a lot of laughing, smiling and ice cream at the Allred house Wednesday night. And Bud knows union and Goodyear negotiators both gave a lot so he and hundreds like him could keep their jobs.

Dana Dixon, reporting