Perry Promotes Proposition 12

Governor Rick Perry says Texas is facing a critical turning point in health care. On September 13, Texas voters will decide the fate of Proposition 12. The constitutional amendment would put a limit on "non-economic" awards in health care related lawsuits. It would not affect economic damages like lost wages or medical bills.

Perry met with several hundred doctors and health care providers Wednesday in Tyler trying to build support for Proposition 12. "If we do not pass Proposition 12 in this state you will see physicians not practicing medicine in the State of Texas for that single reason, because they just won't be able to afford the liability insurance," predicts Perry.

Perry believes the approval of Proposition 12 will bring down the costs of liability insurance for health care providers which in return will bring down healthcare costs. Critics of Proposition 12 claim it will rob consumers and the elderly of their right to hold bad doctors accountable.

Clint Yeatts, reporting.