School Crossing Guard More Than Just A Volunteer

Dona Pitstick works with the head start program in Longview.  Her true love, is what she does before she gets to work.

Dona is a crossing guard at Bramlette elementary.  She does more than just direct traffic. She's the first person to greet these kids every day and she greets every one by name including the parents.

Dona takes their safety very seriously but her goal is also to encourge them.  Dona believes everyone is a winner.

"I love this. This is probably one of the best jobs there is because every morning I get to see the kids. Every morning I say hi. I just love this job," says Dona.

"She's just an incredible woman. I mean anything you need you can go to her on a friend level, or on a parent level or whatever you need," says parent Crystal Lamb.

Dona volunteered four years ago to be a crossing guard at Bramlette. She says she'll continue to do the job as long as she can.

Amy Tatum reporting.