Does it Work?: Dawn Power Dissolver

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - By Joe Terrell - bio | email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - The two most popular words in the world of kitchen cleaners... "no scrubbing". And that's the claim of the product we're testing in this week's "Does It Work?" report. Dawn Power Dissolver comes from a maker you know, but is supposed to have very little in common with any dish washing liquid you've ever used. Question is... "Does It Work?"

For our test we took two identical casserole dishes and coated them with a mixture of tomato sauce, hamburger and cheese. We baked it on good. And for good measure, we put both dishes under a broiler. One dish will get a mixture of water and Dawn liquid soap. The other dish will be coated with several sprays of Dawn Power Dissolver... and no water. We set both aside for 15 minutes and then started wiping out the gunk.

The Dawn Power Dissolver worked well, but so did the mixture of water and Dawn liquid.

We took the test further and tried Power Dissolver in a pan used to cook hamburger meat. It was dried on and hard. Power Dissolver made mush out of it. It wiped clean with a paper towel and Power Dissolver even removed a bad scorched spot in the pan that had been there for years. Later, we read stories from customers and retailers who've had similar results. One went as far as saying, with repeated use, Power Dissolver will keep your cookware looking like new.

"Does It Work?" We give it a "yes".

You can get Dawn Power Dissolver at Wal-Mart

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