Librarians Can't Keep Quiet About New System

Students all over Tyler can now check out any book, from any school library in the district over the internet.

A new program called "Destiny" combines all the card catalogs from across TISD and puts them into one database. That means kids at elementary schools can get books stocked only in the high schools and vice versa. The process is simple, check it out over the internet and the book's sent through intercampus mail to your school the next day.

John Tyler's Librarian Carrie Jo Parmley says the new program not only saves the district money, it can save parents time. "We're expecting in the future to make this available to parents and students from home so that parents can monitor they can assist their students with homework by locating information in any of the libraries."

TISD is the first district in the state to use the new "Destiny" library system.

Stephen Parr, reporting.