Cool Jobs In The Heat

With temperatures rising, everyone is looking for a way to stay cool, except for Steve Ahrens.

"You definitely get some odd looks, that's for sure," he says while dressed in mittens and a heavy coat.

You see Steve has one of the coolest jobs in East Texas.

He spends his days chipping, carving and cutting away in a freezer

"It's about 10 degrees," he says and that's how he prefers it.

"It's easier to get warm than to cool down," he explains.

Things are pretty cool at the Brookshires manufacturing plant too.

"We layer our clothing plus we have freezer suits, toboggans, freezers boots and gloves," explains Alan Adams.

Temperatures get down to 45 below zero when they're making ice cream.They make 20 thousand gallons each day. But employees like Alan Adams say they'd take the cold any day over the blistering heat outside.

"30 to minus 10 degrees -- perfect for me."

And on days like today, many East Texans might agree.