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She's served ten years, now she's home for a visit

By Jamey Boyum - email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - The Welcome Home Soldiers group was living up to their name yet again today at Tyler's Pounds Regional Airport. Around fifty people gathered to greet Summer Cates, and thank her for her service.

Summer Cates is a Navy Aviation Odinanceman First Class, which means she deals with things that go bang.

"Aviation Ordinance includes building bombs, rockets, missiles, preparing the fleet for whatever happens," she said.

"You ever had any accidents?' I asked.

"No," she smiled.

She's been in the military for about ten years now, and has served time in Iraq, and she's getting a well-deserved break. She's also getting this:

"Hip Hip, HOORAY, "shouted the crowd.

All of the attention made her feel… "Surprised, actually, but I know who to blame," Summer stated.

Gala Cates said, "She just mainly wants to hang out with family. And, she's an aunt now of twin little girls, so she's going to hang out with them.

But, before she sees her new nieces she had a whole bunch of obligatory hugs from the regulars, and a few guest stars from Breckenridge Village of Tyler.

Diane Stone, daytime program director at Breckenridge Village said, "We just like to welcome them home and thank them for their service, We just want to show them a little bit of our love."

"Welcome home!" The group shouted.

Summer seemed like she wasn't used to all the attention, and tried to sneak out early.

"Wait a minute, wait a minute," Shouted Anne Delaet of Welcome Home Soldiers, "I was out at the car getting something.."

So, Summer had to stand there and take it, but at least they didn't force her to make a speech before she headed to Longview.

Summer Cates served 7 months in Iraq, but is presently stationed in Guam. She'll return there after her leave, and will be transferred to Florida this summer.

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