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The Sensa sprinkle diet sparks skepticism

TYLER, TX (KLTV) – It's known as the sprinkle diet, and if it works, it could be a fresh weapon in the war on obesity.

Basically, you sprinkle a powder on your food, and it is supposed to help curb your appetite, and therefore, you eat less.

"I've been heavy most of my adult life," says Wendy Bassett.

Since starting Sensa a little over a year ago, Wendy has lost almost 90 lbs. She says it's the first diet that ever really worked.

"I intentionally would serve myself less food and then I would sprinkle it and I could walk away full," Wendy explains.

The sprinkles Wendy is talking about are scented Sensa crystals.

"The urge to eat is not governed by the stomach, but the satiety of the brain," explains Sensa inventor Alan Hirsch.

In addition to enhancing taste, he says the scent triggers a reaction in the brain that makes a person think they're full.

As a result, people eat less and lose weight.

Dr. Frank Greenway is a scientist at LSU's Pennington Biomedical Research Center. Over the years, he has spearheaded a number of studies involving weight loss drugs.

"I have no proof that it works or that it doesn't work," says Greenway.

Greenway acknowledges the research posted on Sensa's website. But, he found it troubling he wasn't able to find any of Dr. Hirsch's work published in mainstream scientific journals.

"I think it's incumbent upon a scientist who claims something to be able to show other scientists what they've done," Greenway explains. He stops short of saying Sensa doesn't work, but he's skeptical of it.

Critics have done little to dampen the enthusiasm of people like Wendy who believe the sprinkle diet helped them lose weight.

Despite the testimonials such as Wendy's that support the sprinkle diet, no outside studies have been completed to verify the initial results. And, the study found by the LSU doctor was written by the creator of Sensa.

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