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Gift of Love: Cody and Haylee

It was a fun afternoon at Chuck E. Cheese for Cody and his sister Haylee.

Despite their history of living in a very chaotic lifestyle, Cody and Haylee are siblings who love each other. Both hope that together they can find a forever family.

11 year old Cody is the older of the two and loves school.

"My favorite class is reading because of course I like to read. my least favorite class would probably be social studies," Cody said.

He's already read 65 books this year!  Cody makes A's and B's with math being the most difficult for him. When it comes to his future, Cody says he wants to look to the past and be an archeologist.

"Maybe dinosaur bones, old houses from way back then. it just seems cool how they used to live. They didn't wear clothes like this," Cody said.  Cody also likes sports including loves baseball and football.

As for his family, "I would like to have lots of brothers and sisters," Cody said.

Cody says he's ready for a permanent home and forever family.

"I have a whole lot of friends and I've already moved town to town to town and all my other friends there and I'm really tired of that," Cody said.

Because of the fact that they have had to live with multiple families, both Cody and Haylee need the security of living in a structured environment where they know the routines and expectations.

Younger sister Haylee is 9 years old and in the third grade.  She's doing great in school making all A's.

"I like social studies. I like math," Haylee said.

Haylee also loves science, especially when they got to build a volcano and watch it erupt!  Haylee is outgoing and easy to talk to.  Pizza is her favorite food and when it comes to her favorite colors, red, black and blue top the list.

As for her future, Haylee is undecided.  "I want to grow up to do a lot of things," Haylee said.

Like Cody, Haylee really wants to find a forever family.

"I hope people would like to adopt us and that we can find a family that Cody would like," Haylee said.

 And she hopes that family, includes other kids.  "I wish for an older sister that would pay attention when I'm talking," Haylee said.

To round out her three wishes, Haylee really wants to go to Disney World and take a cruise since she's never been on a ship.

Most importantly, Cody and Haylee hope to find a family willing to open their hearts and their home to show them the Gift of Love!

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