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Crash victims remembered at Lindale memorial

By Taylor Hemness

LINDALE, TX (KLTV) - "They have to cry, they have to get it out of them, and then once that happens, we can remember the memories of these two young ladies."

Those were the words of Russel Bristol, youth pastor at Christ Central Church in Lindale.  He was the youth pastor for Karrie Voyles and Jasmine Pruitt, but he's also there for more than 150 students, each of them needing comfort.

"These kids need to be together at a time like this."

Bristol helped to organize the memorial Monday night, where people were allowed to move about the auditorium, and seek out friends to hug, and to cry with. But he gave up the microphone to let people speak for both of the girl's families.

Jasmine's step-mother Kacie told the audience that she'll always remember Jasmine's beauty, her big personality, and her jokes. But now, she's having to focus on something much different.

"The thing that keeps me going is knowing that she is in a better place, and that she's happy, and that she can never be hurt again," Kacie said.

Karrie Voyles' long-time friend Nikki spoke for Voyles family, but also reached out to comfort her grieving classmates.

"When you go through your day, and you think that you can't get over this, just know that they were brought into this Earth for a reason, and they left for a reason, and God has them now," Nikki said.

Bristol told us that he knows exactly what these kids are facing. He lost his best friend to a car wreck in 1998, when he was still in high school. But he told KLTV that it's also his job to help these kids learn from the tragic accident.

"These young ladies made a decision that tragically ended their lives," Bristol said. "God wants so much more out of their life. To be mothers and wives and grow old with their husbands, and to live a full life."

Funeral services for Karrie will be at the First Baptist Church in Lindale at 3PM Wednesday.

Services for Jasmine Pruitt will be at the Christ Central Church, at 3PM Thursday.

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