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Lindale residents concerned about 'Thriller Hill'

Kimberly Murray Kimberly Murray

By Samantha Jordan – bio| email

LINDALE, TX (KLTV) -  It's the thrill of the ride that makes CR 4119 a popular spot.

"It's the hump, it's like a roller coaster, the up and down they get the thrill from that," said Wayland Voyles, a Lindale resident who is concerned about road.

So much so, that one Lindale resident told KLTV that when many teenagers get their driver's license, this road is the place they come to test their driving skills.

"This place is called thriller hill and everybody it's kind of like an orientation in Lindale to come jump this hill," said Kimberly Murray, friend of Braxton Boone.

But after the crash that killed three Lindale victims, folks are beginning to say something needs to be done.

"Put up some signs put up stuff they're going to pay attention to a guard rail--whatever--where they can pay attention to that kind of stuff," said Joan Murphy, Kim Murray's aunt. 

Family and friends of the three victims said the road is known for young people to speeding  down it.

Joan believes an increase in patrol in the area might be a good idea.

"They run it because they know nobody's here to control anything and it's a thrill road," said Joan, "it may be fun for just a second, but it's not fun for a lifetime."

And while CR 4119  may still be a target for a rush, others will have a different feeling.

"This road means that I'm never going to see one of my great friends again," said Kimberly, "These two babies are never going to get to grow up it means that there is a great deal lost on this road."

Kimberly hopes more people will honor the memory of her lost friend, by taking their foot off of the gas.

"It's not worth it, three people lost their lives for something that was so ignorant--three people who mattered dearly to this town, so please just don't, it's too risky," said Kimberly.

One neighbor who lives nearby CR 4119 said this is the second wreck they know of there that has ended in a fatality.

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