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Victim's Father speaks out about tragic crash

By Jena Johnson - bio | email

LINDALE, TX (KLTV) – More details have been uncovered about the tragic crash that killed a 25-year-old man and two 14-year-old girls. Authorities say no one was wearing their seat belts.

Karrie Voyles, 14, Jasmine Pruitt, 14, and 25-year-old Braxton Boone of Lindale died in a wreck early Sunday morning on CR 4119.

The father of one of the girls was one of the first people to discover the crash site, "I seen her and I knew it was her. I went down there, but I came right back up because I didn't want my wife to see her," said Karrie's father Anthony Voyles.

Anthony says they first realized Karrie and Jasmine were missing about 2:45 Sunday morning, "My wife checked on her at 1:30 or something like that. She had checked on her and then my wife got back up at you know, 2:40 or 3, and she went back in there and they was gone."

He says he and his wife immediately jumped into their truck and went looking for their daughter and her best friend. He says he repeatedly called Karrie's cell phone, but she never picked up. He says he drove all over Lindale in a panic for nearly four hours.

Shortly before sunrise, they drove down CR 4119, and saw a mangled car in the ditch.

"We were just driving around trying to find them, didn't know what was going on with—they won't answer their cell phones. And when you have a kid that 90% of the time does answer their cell phones. I didn't really know what I was thinking, all I know is that I wanted my baby and I didn't want her the way I founded her," Voyles' father explained.

Braxton was a long time friend of the Voyles. As devastated as Anthony is, he says he doesn't hold Braxton 100% responsible for the crash, "I mean I have anger at him, but he wasn't the worst kid in the world neither, so we cannot blame it all on him."

"It was a real bad wreck, and that's what these kids need to know, I mean these two girls are not the only ones that have ever snuck out of a house," Anthony expressed.

As to why Karrie and Jasmine decided to get in Braxton's car, no one knows for sure. Anthony says he's come the realization he may never know.

Friends of the three crash victims have put out flowers, cards, necklaces, and made crosses to let the families of these three young people know that this tragedy will not be forgotten.

Flowers and homemade crosses can't erase the images Anthony Voyles has stuck in his mind.

"We can't bring them back and find out what they was doing. All we can know is that they're in a better place."

There is a memorial service Monday for both Jasmine and Karrie. It starts at 7 p.m. at the Christ Central Church on FM 16 E of Lindale.

Funeral services for Karrie will be at the First Baptist Church in Lindale at 3 p.m.

Services for Pruitt will be at the Christ Central Church, the same one as the memorial, at 3 p.m. on Thursday.

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