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'Lazy Cakes' promise relaxation through herbs, hormones

By Jamey Boyum - email

GREGG COUNTY, TX (KLTV) – They're marketed as a chocolatey way to help your "problems melt away" and baked to "put a smile on your face." But, as one family found out, you have to be careful who you share them with.

"Lazy Cakes" aren't available at your local bakery. You'll find them in places like the Glass Dragon, or online.

Some of the employees of the Glass Dragon, have tried them.

Kaycie Green said,  "I've had quite a few of them. Sometimes two a day. Definitely gets pretty lazy, but it's not an altered state at all. It's kind of like the relaxation drinks, like the purple stuff and all those."

The brownies have relaxation herbs and the over-the-counter hormone, melatonin baked right in.

Dr. James Stocks MD U.T. Health and Science Center said, "It's a non-prescription chemical that's a normal body substance. The body normally produces it in very small amounts, and it is part of your normal mechanism for falling asleep. People would normally take fairly significant doses to help them try to get to sleep. It helps for some people; it has no value for others. I'm not horribly impressed that it's very helpful for the average person. If a child got a hold of an adult dose, whether it be in the brownie or in the pill bottle, it could be fairly dangerous. An overdose,"

An overdose—something the Cummings family thought their little boy had suffered, after one bite of a lazy cake.

"He was just acting all funny he wouldn't play or nothing," said Cameron Cummings, Michael's uncle.

Two-year-old Michael soon fell into a deep sleep and wouldn't wake up.

"He would sleep and he wouldn't wake up and when he was waking up he was crying a lot," said Cameron.

After a trip to the emergency room, they learned that even a small dose of melatonin can be dangerous for kids.

Something this doctor says is a powerful warning when it comes to clever marketing, combined with the power of chocolate.

"I can't see any legitimate reason for putting something in a brownie that you could readily get in a pill," said Dr. Stocks.

According to the label, a half a brownie is one adult dose. Lazy Cakes are not recommended for children, and you must be 18 to get into the Glass Dragon.

The Food and Drug Administration does not regulate melatonin in products.

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