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Two Lindale teen girls, 1 man killed in weekend crash

Jasmine Pruitt. Jasmine Pruitt.
Karrie Voyles. Karrie Voyles.
Braxton Boone. Braxton Boone.

By Jena Johnson - bio | email

LINDALE, TX (KLTV) - A 25 year old man and two 14 year old girls were killed Sunday morning after their car veered of the road and slammed into a tree. Authorities say no one was wearing their seat belts.

The crash happened at 6:45 Monday morning on County Road 4119 in Lindale. The vehicle was a 2010 Kia, driven by 25-year-old male, Braxton Boone, of Lindale. 

"He had gone and picked these two girls up," said Peggy Dudley, Braxton's grandmother. "They slipped out of the house is what I'm told, and he picked them up and they went for a ride."

A ride that killed 25 year old Braxton Boone, 14 year old Karrie Voyles and 14 year old Jasmine Pruitt. Braxton's grandmother, Peggy Dudley says her heart aches for both girls' families.

"I can't tell them how to deal with it," she said. "I just know that you have to learn that this is what God wanted."

The wreck happened on County Road 4119. The impact was so powerful, shattered glass is still imbedded in a nearby tree.

Braxton's ex-girlfriend and the mother of his child told says she and Braxton used to come to the road to jump the hill all the time. Braxton's family believes that is what he was doing before he died.

"You just mash the gas. My car would get up to 130 and you just get major air," said Jamie Simpson, Braxton's ex-girlfriend and the mother of his child.

Garrett Hudson says he drove up on the crash site 15 minutes after it happened.

"I could see that the ladies in the family were crying so I slowed down to see if there's anything I could do and at that time the man that was with them said well there's been an accident and he pointed to the accident over here and he said our baby girl is in the car and I think she's dead," said Hudson, who lives on County Road 4119.

He says he's known Karrie Voyles' parents for a long time. Watching them look at the car their daughter was in, he says was devastating. A close friend of Jasmine says he's angry with Braxton.

"It really upsets me," said Laramie Kennedy. "It bothers me and he should have enough common sense to know that's not right. A 25 year old with two 14 year old girls. That's pretty stupid. He should have really thought about that.

Braxton's grandmother says she didn't always agree or support his life choices. Dudley says her grandson was released from prison last April. She says she kept waiting for him to get on the right track, but it never did happen.

"I'm not going to white wash Braxton," said Dudley. "He knew the girls and he knew the consequences, but he had to take Finley's new car and show it off."

Witnesses at the scene say the image of the crashed car is what the parents will carry with them for their rest of their lives.

Investigators say that there are indications that alcohol may have been a factor in this crash.

Lindale ISD released the following statement on Monday:

"This is an extremely sad time for the Lindale Independent School District.  We have lost two young members of our Lindale family who will be greatly missed by students and teachers. The school district will do all that it can to help the students at Lindale High School cope with this tragedy.  Counselors and additional staff members will be available for as long as needed for our students who need to express their emotions or talk about this tragedy. Staff members from the junior high school will be on hand to help the members of the freshman class deal with their grief.  We will be compassionate to the needs of the families involved, and we will reach out to them with our prayers and support."

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