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Quitman ISD mourns the loss of their friend, student

By Jena Johnson - bio | email

QUITMAN, TX (KLTV) – At Quitman High School, it was a very quiet day as students and faculty are just trying to cope with losing a student and a friend.

Quitman ISD had counselors and pastors available for the students and faculty to help answer questions or just to talk.

"I wish I had magic words to say to them to make everything better, but I don't have and nobody does," said Pastor Mike Fletcher of Spur On Ministries.

Pastor Fletcher spent the day trying to comfort students who just lost their friend. He says the only way to do that is to tell them where she went.

"Because the Gospel says it aint over," he said. "And it's just the beginning for little Skylar. She's good to go. She was a Christian girl. She's gone straight to heaven and now we've got to deal with it and that's what we want to try to help these kids do is deal with the pain of that kind of loss because that kid was really loved. She was special and everyone really liked her."

He says Skylar Carpenter prayed at his church before. Friday night at Spur On Ministries, hundreds will pray for Skylar and the others involved in the accident.

"We're a praying little church out here and the prayers of the saints of God that's on this whole world today are powerful and with that many prayers for a certain situation ascend the thrown of heaven, God does business," said Pastor Fletcher.

Superintendent Rick Flanagan says it was a somber school day for students and faculty. In his 40 years of working in school districts, he says he's never experienced a loss this painful.

"When one hurts, all hurts," said Flanagan.

Overcoming this degree of tragedy will take time for this community.

Quitman ISD says they will continue to have pastors and counselors on hand as long as students and faculty need them.

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