Wish Comes True For Rusk Girl With Leukemia

For Ashlee Breaux and her family, the day started with a limo ride from Rusk. After that, it was time to go shopping.

"Whatever she wants," Ashlee's mom Laura says. "She's been through enough this year that I think she deserves whatever she wants."

Ashlee started her shopping spree at Wal-Mart, taking a special day to go looking for clothes and CD's with her family.

It was last September when a visit to the doctor turned up heartbreaking results for the Breauxs.

"They took Ashlee in another room," Laura says, "and told me that it was leukemia, and that we needed to get to Children's (Medical Center) as soon as possible."

Months worth of treatments started immediately. When Make-A-Wish offered to help Ashlee, her wish was to go shopping. Her mom was happy to see her get special treatment.

"There's a lot of things I want to get her," Laura says. "From the time she was diagnosed, I didn't want her to want for anything. I had been off work, so there are a lot of things I couldn't give her. This gave her a chance to get whatever she wanted."

While Ashlee did her shopping, the Breauxs just enjoyed the day. Ashlee is still receiving treatment, but things are looking up.

"She goes once every three week for chemo," Laura says, "and she comes home. She hasn't been in the hospital in a good five months. Thank God."

In all, the Breauxs just got to enjoy their day out. And Ashley says her new friends gave her a great feeling inside.

"They make me feel special," she says, "and loved."

"We've come through the worst part," Laura says, "the best part's ahead of us."

Reid Kerr (rkerr@kltv.com) reporting.