Community Spotlight - The American Heart Association

Seeing Los Angeles TV Reporter Serene Branson struggle to get her words out during a live broadcast raised suspicion that she was having a stroke on live TV. This has happened several other times in recent years and it is disturbing to see. But it is also a reminder of how quietly stroke and other brain maladies can affect what appear to be healthy normal people. Strokes and death from heart disease continue to be the leading killers in East Texas and February is Heart Month so it is very timely that we name the American Heart Association as KLTV's Community Spotlight for February. The AHA has offices in Tyler and Longview and staff members that offer information and support for our medical communities and families affected by heart disease and stroke. Our heart health is very largely a reflection of our lifestyle so the American Heart Association is very active on the preventive front through education and that education starts with school aged kids through senior citizens. And they also need your help through your donation of time or money. Heart disease is, again, the number one killer in East Texas. We have information on how to contact the American Heart Association in your community on our website – KLTV dot com. The American Heart Association, fighting the disease that takes more of our family members and friends and KLTV's Community Spotlight for February.