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08/14/03 - East Texas

Goodyear Delays Decision, Talks With Kelly Look Hopeful

A critical deadline has passed for employees working at Kelly Springfield in Tyler. Parent company, Goodyear Inc. said it would take action Friday if a contract was not on the table.

Instead, Goodyear let the deadline quietly pass, which allowed union officials room to grow optimistic.

The official word from union negotiator and local United Steelworkers of America President, Jim Wansley is that both sides are making progress on the issue of employee health benefits. It's one of the issues that caused the union to walk away from the table in June.

"It's inspiring to hear that they're still at the table," says Ed Moore with the local United Steelworkers Union of America. "Even though, Mr. Rich's mid-day statement has come and gone, they're still at the bargaining table and that's good."

Union officials say they're not breathing a sigh of relief until a contract is signed and sealed. Both sides are still divided on the issue of job security for 14 plants nationwide, says Wansley.

As of late Friday, neither side had issued notice of a lock-out or strike.

Kerri Panchuk, reporting.

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