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08/15/03 - Tyler

SkyWest Airlines Adds Houston Service to Tyler

Tyler's been without air service to Houston for two years, until Friday morning. 

"It's good that we have a choice, and competition is a good thing," says Tyler Mayor Joey Seeber.

The competition is revving up. American Eagle flies to Dallas, and now SkyWest heads to the Bayou City. 

"Since there are two carriers and we have a choice, some of the prices have come down for air travel in East Texas, and that's a good thing," Seeber says.

SkyWest flies as part of Continental Connection, through Continental's hub in houston. For those who live in East Texas, family calls Houston home. 

"Now it's great to be able to fly back to the Houston area. As a matter of fact, my mother is also ecstatic because my brother lives in Houston and she hates the four-hour ride," says Tyler City Council member Joyce Scurry.

After 9/11, Continental Express dropped their Tyler to Houston route. Tensions were high in the country, but since East Texas has seen better economic conditions than the rest of the country, the need was still there. 

"Because we have that much extra demand, I think that was one of those things that encouraged Continental to come back in," Seeber added.

This first flight carried only ten passengers this morning. More had booked, but they would have been stranded in Houston.

"We were about half full today, but we only went out with ten passengers so so we're missing quite a few. We checked the reservations and they were going back east," says SkyWest Tyler manager Susan Cloud.

That was to where the blackout was wreaking havoc.


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