Elderly West Nile Victim in Longview

On July 29th, 62 year old Jeanette Jones was taken to Good Shepherd Hospital suffering from seizures... But was later diagnosed with West Nile... In what health officials say is the worst case scenario.. Some one getting the disease who already has health problems.

"We did have a case where the victim was over 50... She had other health problems... Someone with an already weak immune system" said environment health department official Kevin Cummings. She remains in serious but stable condition...

Family members believe she got the virus from a mosquito bite when she was sitting on her front porch at her East Young street home...

"The typical human that gets bit by an infected mosquito may never know it other that a mosquito bite, won't feel any different" Cummings said. Numerous tests for the virus have been done on area mosquito populations, and 7 mosquito's and a bird have been found carrying it.

Health officials have known that the virus has been in our area over the last 2 months, with mosquito's and birds testing positive for it. Because of our first human case, the health department has stepped up spraying pesticide for mosquitos to every morning and every night.

Bob Hallmark, reporting.