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Kilgore police use web site video to catch suspects

By Bob Hallmark - bio | email

LONGVIEW,TX (KLTV)- Kilgore Police are now turning to the public to help solve thefts in their town, with the click of a mouse. A recent security video catches a man in a Kilgore E-Z Mart stealing a 30-pack of beer, a video that can be publicly viewed now.

"The city launched this web site last year, and something we wanted to do was to upload video of various crimes around Kilgore on a most wanted page," says Kilgore Police Lieutenant Roman Roberson.

Kilgore police are now using the city's web site, immediately posting security video of crimes, that they want the public to view and help them catch criminals.

"We have a lot of it with good viable suspects that we know somebody can identify, and we've used all our resources to try to identify that person, we know that if we can get it up on the web site , and get people to look at it, somebody would know who that person is," Roberson says.

With surveillance video being so commonly used now, the web is hoped to be the answer , when conventional investigation is exhausted.

"We have a lot of video evidence , nowadays there's video surveillance in about every store you go into , even some homes, we don't have enough time in the day, this is a great tool , we can put it on the web site , it'll be there forever, its just a matter of time," says Roberson.

We've set up a way for you to see Kilgore's most wanted for yourself. Just click on the Big Red Box on our homepage.

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