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Lake proposal concerns land owners

By Samantha Jordan – bio| email

VAN ZANDT COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - Some East Texans are worried that a proposed lake may cost them their land.

The City of Canton says they are proposing the lake to offset a possible water deficit by the year 20-30.

One resident says the city is not buying property just yet, but she's not giving hers up without a fight.

"I'm not going to move, I'm not going to sell," says Norma Pearce.

But, the City of Canton is saying Pearce, and others may not have to.

Residents around the Saline Creek area are expressing concerns about their properties after hearing that  it might be made into a lake. 

"I've been hearing rumors that the City of Canton is trying to take our land out here," says Pearce.

Their current focus is on securing water rights for a future reservoir,

Without water rights, the city's long-term options are limited to relying on buying water from other sources.

As for the lake, city officials say they are looking at the Saline Creek area, as well as alternate locations for a conceptual plan.

Currently, there is a copy of a conceptual drawing for a reservoir on saline creek, under purposes only.

"Ours is right here. Everything in the shaded area is supposed to be underwater," says Pearce

When asked to be interviewed, the City of Canton would only issue a formal statement which said it's "not in the process of buying land, nor is it in the planning stages of buying land."

They merely want the rights to the water before there are none available.

Residents around Saline Creek only want for them to look somewhere else.

Residents around the Saline Creek area say they plan to give their concerns to the city council at their next meeting next Tuesday.

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