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Lake Palestine fisherman almost drowns; saved by couple

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ANDERSON COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - A man and his eight month pregnant wife are being hailed as heroes for saving an East Texas fisherman.  Authorities say over the weekend, a fisherman was out on the North Bridge of Lake Palestine when he fell in the water.

Ephran Harmon has loved fishing his whole life, and this last Saturday he decided to go out in his small twelve foot and the frigid nineteen degrees to catch some fish.  Everything looked fine, until he was hit by waves from a large boat passing by.

"This boat came by, beneath the bridge, and they didn't slow down, and this wave came by, and when it came by I was just reeling, and then started to rock. Next thing I knew I was in the lake," said Harmon.

Falling in the lake sounds like no bid deal, just climb back into the boat, right?  Well, it wasn't so easy for Harmon, especially with the waves moving his boat farther and farther away from him.

"Every time I'd get up to it and reach for it, it would just be out of arms reach, so I said the heck with this, I will just tread water and wait for someone to come by and get me," Harmon said.

With the observant eyes of another fisherman, Harmon's was given another chance at life.

Fisherman and Owner of a Tyler Fishing Business, Black Angel Jig Co., Gabe Spencer said, "I kinda looked about 200 yards down the bridge and saw, what looked to me like a dog in the water, and as I kept looking I saw it was a guy trying to swim after his boat."

Spencer and his eight month pregnant wife, Melissa, pulled Harmon out of the cold water and was able to bring him back to dry land.  They immediately called 9-1-1, and Harmon was taken by ambulance.

Harmon didn't suffer any injuries, and has already gone back out fishing since the accident, but now he wears a life jacket.

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