70 Year Old New Hallsville Teacher

70 year-old Tom Brazier is an Air Force veteran, a combat pilot who flew missions in Korea and Vietnam... And some say the retired veteran traded in one war zone for another... Now teaching in a high school classroom for the first time.

After 20 years in the Air Force, Brazier went onto have a successful business career and retired... But came out of retirement to teach... High school Algebra at Hallsville.

"Maybe I bring the perspective of time and wisdom, in some ways I'm a living, walking history if you will" says Brazier.

"I was amazed at the amount of energy that he has compared to his age.  I had no idea he was a young as he is" said assistant principal Lynn Young. The soft spoken Brazier feels his age is a bonus, bringing lifelong experience into the classroom... and living on through the kids he teaches.

"What I hope to achieve out of this is immortality... That goes with giving to the children a little bit of the values you've achieved in life" Brazier says. He now tackles teaching like he's tackled every obstacle in his life.

"Before we know it, we've grown old. If we're gonna leave this world we need to leave some sort of lasting legacy, we need to shine a little light on the world and that when we're gone that people will remember us for what we did and not what was wrong with us".  And for Brazier that legacy might be, you're never too old to learn; and you're never too old to teach.

Bob Hallmark, reporting.