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"That's what it takes to be married for 58 years"

By Jamey Boyum - email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Valentine's Day is all about couples. Relationships, old or new, are hard work. Both of you have to want to stay in for the long haul. At Atria Copeland, an assisted living community in Tyler, has nine married couples who have been together for a combined total of over 500 years.

"I was in the service down in San Antonio and I met her through a friend of mine. So, she decided she'd rather be dating me than my friend so that's where I got started," said Ed Coggeshall

"He had told his friend well when you're out of town I going to date your girlfriend. He said I don't think you are. Well, he did," said Peggy Coggeshall," I think I fell in love with the uniform. No, I saw the potential."

"We probably went dancing because that was a big thing at that time in our young adult life. Going out to dance was the big deal," Ed said.

"Country western," Peggy added.

"I came down to Texas and got educated on that country western dance," Ed stated.

"He came down to get a good Texas girl, he says."

"I continue to love her very much. She's been the light of my life, really. I'm very much in love with her and have been for a long time. Of course we've had our ups and downs, but I think our trust and faith in each other has overlooked everything else." Ed continued.

"Well, at first you didn't love me. You felt sorry for me," Peggy pointed out.

"She keeps bringing that up. That was because she was a single mother living with her parents and I thought that was a bad situation so I took her out of that situation as quick as I could."

"I've always trusted him. And, that's what it takes to be married for 58 years is trust." Peggy concluded.

The Coggeshalls have 5 kids 8 grandchildren, 14 great grand daughters, and one great grandson on the way.

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