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Students sick after eating brownies laced with pot

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ELK GROVE, CA (CNN) - Students at two different Northern California high schools became nauseated after consuming brownies that were laced with marijuana.

Two ninth grade students from Monterey Trail High School in Elk Grove, CA, went to the office and vomited.

"They said they had ingested a brownie that had marijuana in it," said Elizabeth Graswich, of the Elk Grove Unified School District.

District officials said a similar incident happened on Wednesday at Florin High School in Sacramento, CA, when a female student got sick after eating marijuana-laced brownies.

"It's scary, it's quite scary," parent Ron Cole said.

Cole said students should not take this incident lightly.

"My loved one got in touch with it, got a hold of it, ate it and passed away," Cole said.

The district said the two brownie incidents are not related, and the students are expected to recover.

"They reported that they got it from another juvenile," Graswich said. "So right now we are following up on that information trying to locate the individual."

School officials say the students will be disciplined when they return to school.

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