Man Pleads Guilty To Writing Women Lewd Letters

A former Sunday school teacher, coach, and champion Longhorn football player pleaded guilty to harassing East Texas women today.

Tommy Dale Woodard admitted he wrote several suggestive letters to women, anonymously, and then placed them on their car windows. At least twelve women in the Tyler area say they received lewd letters from the former pharmaceutical sales rep.

One of the victims said the letter she received talked about her in a very explicit way and mentioned that he watched her when she was at school.

The District Attorneys office says all of the victims say they are happy woodard pleaded guilty.

April Sikes, Prosecutor: "We're happy in that the victims have some closure. There were a lot of people effected by these letters in this county and in other counties. The admission of guilt was important to them (the victims) and the fact that there is consequences for that behavior, and as he goes and sits in jail, is important. I think it is important he knows there is consequences to those actions."

But Woodard's lawyers say he never intended to harass anyone.

The Robert Perkins, the Defense Attorney talked about Woodard's behaviour.  "It's strange to do it. I don't think anyone would debate that. And it's unfortunate that some people felt threatened by that. I believe it was never his intent to harass or annoy or alarm anyone by doing this."

Woodard was sentenced to 180 days in jail for the charges in Smith County. Woodard also targeted women with provocative letters in Angelina and Hopkins county. He was charged with a class C misdemeanor in those cases.

Michelle Mortensen, reporting.