A Better East Texas: Super Bowl

There wasn't a wardrobe failure at this year's Super Bowl in Dallas but there was an installation failure. Four-hundred ticket holders were turned away from the game because the seats they had purchased tickets for were not completely installed creating what the league called a safety hazard. There were several other notable anomalies associated with this year's big game from falling sheets of ice, a botched National Anthem and some technical glitches at half time but nothing will live on longer than the image of hundreds of ticket wielding fans being turned away because of the construction snafu. The turned away fans have a couple of options for redemption and the league is being generous but the way they were treated on game day is in-excusable. Standing in line for up to two hours only to be told they were out of luck. In the quest to have the largest on-site audience ever, Jerry Jones and the N-F-L forgot the most important aspect of hosting an event on the world stage – and that is that the fan experience trumps everything. This is a case of lousy planning, execution and reaction to a problem and it will live on as the symbol of this Super Bowl. In it is a lesson for all of us in service oriented businesses. There are always options and other choices and when you take your eye off of your customer – you lose. On the other hand great service deserves loyalty and that will make for a Better East Texas.