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The decision-making process behind closing schools

By Jena Johnson - bio | email

EAST TEXAS, TX (KLTV) – Several East Texas school districts made the call to close late morning, or early afternoon on Wednesday, instead of canceling classes all together.

Some parents were questioning the decision to bring children into school, only to have their parents come get them a few hours later.

Some parents were upset by the early closings, but most say they understand why the schools closed later.

The districts say it's a tough call and no decision will please everyone. For kids, bad weather means the best day ever.

"It's awesome," says student River O'Neal.

But for some parents making a mad dash to school is far from fun.

Jaime Street questions why Lindale ISD didn't just cancel school for the whole day, "They should have. It would have been a lot easier if we would have known a little bit in advance."

"I would have rather them take the day and make up a day in the summer to make sure the kids were home safe," said another LISD parent, Shawn Brown.

Melissa O'Neal left work to pick up her son. Despite the inconvenience, she doesn't blame the district, "The weather is really so unpredictable. I mean, I guess they were just making sure."

Lindale Superintendent Stan Surratt says his administration was up at 3 a.m. monitoring the weather, "It's a tough call. Texas weather is unpredictable and it has that reputation so, and we know that and that's one of the reasons, and we want the kids there to educate them, and not lose a day of school."

Whitehouse and Troup both closed at 1 o'clock.

Troup ISD Superintendent Marvin Beaty, canceled school from Austin, "You have to make a decision of can I get them safely to school? Can I get them educated when I get them there, and can I get them home? And those are the three questions you have to answer."

All three districts say they feel confident they made the right decision.

As for the kids, today was counted as a full school day, so they will not have to make it up this summer.

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