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Be mindful of black ice

By Bob Hallmark - bio | email

MOUNT PLEASANT, TX (KLTV) – As Mark Scirto showed us, most of the snow was concentrated in Northern East Texas Counties.

County roads and major roadways again have snow and ice hazards, especially north of Mt. Pleasant.

Cars sliding off the roads were common in the morning hours.

By noon, between 1-2 inches of snow and ice had fallen in Titus County, leaving roads with standing ice on them.

County workers sanded bridges and overpasses to make them less risky to negotiate.

Based on previous experience perhaps, motorists were going noticeably slower along the roads.

County roads more often have standing ice and the big concern for Wednesday night, is black ice on the roadways.

"It's real cold. I'm not used to it, but, I'm having fun, you might as well have fun in it," says Lee Hughes.

"I'm about to go put some gas in the car, then I'm back to my grandma's," said Hughes.

"It's not the snow we're looking at this time, it's the black ice. The ice you can't see that will just form. You can't see it's there, and don't know it's there until you hit it," Ingram explained.

Workers have been sanding down over-passes and bridges preparing for Wednesday night.

Despite all that, if you have to get out, be mindful of black ice.

In fact, the Titus County Sheriff's Office is encouraging people to just stay home.

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