A Better East Texas: Obama as Reagan

Well, there you go…. a weak imitation of Ronald Reagan on what would be his one-hundredth birthday.  I read an article in Time magazine comparing the political life of Barack Obama to Ronald Reagan.  There were some statistical similarities - Reagan did have a load of trouble his first two years as president and he faced high unemployment but that, for me, is where the similarities stop.  Reagan did not use growth in government to stimulate economic growth.  Rather he set the table for America to succeed through entrepreneurship and business growth in the private sector.  He also inspired people, young and old, to step up and take the reins of their destiny back from government and into their own hands.  These have not been the hallmarks of the Obama presidency.  Reagan lost political clout in congress in the mid terms but was still able to bring people from opposing parties together to strike compromise after compromise to pass legislation.   He did, essentially, what a president should do.  No, I don't see Mr. Reagan in Mr. Obama and you get the feeling that many in the national media are making this stretch of a comparison in hopes of getting fed up voters to warm up to president Obama as re-election talk starts.  Mr. Obama may be able to thaw congress and get a few things passed but he is no Ronald Reagan.