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Walk like a penguin

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TYLER, TX (KLTV) - With the snow and ice comes slipping, and that's already left some East Texans with serious injuries.

Doctors at the Azalea Orthopedic clinic in Tyler say they've seen several more people for broken wrists, hands, and elbows. And making things worse, if you slip and break something, the icy roads may have you waiting a long time for an ambulance.

"I wouldn't say people are using poor judgment, I would just say people are just slipping and falling on the ice not watching what they're doing, not planning ahead of time, getting a little too rushed and just slipping," said Dr. Carey Clark, orthopedic surgeon.

And rushing the cold weather could land you not only on the ground, but in the doctor's office.

"The injuries we saw mostly were wrist fractures and hand fractures from people that fell on the ice," said Dr. Clark, "a few elbow fractures but mostly wrist fractures and hand fractures."

Doctors say even though it's cold outside, people should always walk with their hands out of their pockets because it's the easiest way to lose your balance.

"If you do need to walk on the ice then you need to learn from our penguins," said Dr. Clark, "they've shown us how to walk…it may look a little silly, but it'll keep you from falling."

But if you happen to take a tumble, there are a couple of things you can do at home while you wait for the ice to melt.

"What you want to do is immobilize it with whatever you have. If you have some cardboard you can double over a padded piece of wood even put a pillow around it anything you have to immobilize the area if it doesn't move much it won't hurt that bad," said Dr. Clark.

Just tape it around the area and you have a temporary splint to hold you over until you can get to a doctor's office.

The doctor says you can also spread salt or sand on your sidewalk to keep it from freezing overnight.

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