Mysterious Mustang Sought After Fatal Wreck

It's been ten days since Christopher Moffeit and his wife, Audrey, died in a car wreck on Highway 64, just east of Canton. Graveside services were held for the couple's two-year old daughter, Mackenzie Moffeit Tuesday morning.

Until Saturday, when Mackenzie passed away, the little girl and her twin, Mallory Moffeit, were the wreck's only survivors.

Now, Mallory is left without parents or siblings.

The tragedy has prompted witnesses who saw the accident to come forward with details about a car they believe is partially responsible.

J'Lynn Bowers of Lake Palestine told us her family is convinced a white Ford Mustang played a part in causing Moffeit's car to lose control.

"We witnessed this vehicle pass in the no-passing zone," recalls Bowers. "The car passed the Tahoe, causing an on-coming car to move into the shoulder to avoid a head-on collision. Then, the Mustang kind of shot in front of the family's Tahoe."

Bowers says the last thing she remembers is seeing Moffeit's break lights come on. Seconds later, his Tahoe swerved, overcorrected and turned over in the street.

"Whoever was driving that Mustang must have seen the wreck in the rearview mirror," Bowers says. "And they should have been there today to see all the family members mourning."

Sergeant Jeff Wimberly with Texas Dept. of Public Safety-Canton says preliminary searches for the white Mustang produced no results. He says for now, the incident is under investigation and listed as a single car accident.

"The physical evidence doesn't change," says Wimberly. "It'll tell us what occurred, but the investigation is ongoing as we attempt to locate the other driver and other information."

Authorities say there's no evidence suggesting the Mustang driver committed a wrongful act. "I think that by interviewing them, we can determine if they had any involvement," says Wimberly.

Kerri Panchuk, reporting.