The Fight To Walk Again

Every time Greg Chapman lifts his leg, or moves a muscle, he feels pain. His leg is encased in a metal shroud with pins keeping it together. He endures the pain because he's determined to walk again after an accident nearly cost him his life.

"I was face down with my foot by my head and he said I didn't have a pulse and I wasn't breathing,"explains Greg.

A driver ran Greg off the road while he was riding his bike. He had a broken leg, a broken vertebrae, a collapsed lung, and the skin and fat literally torn from his body. Now recovery is his life.

He's trying to build back his muscle and hoping the contraption on his leg will build back the bone that was crushed.

"Each day I turn these screws. (they are on his leg) Eventually this bone will move down as it grows and it will allow them to meet up," explains Greg.

He'll have to wear the metal encasement for at least another year and half -- maybe two. Even though the road to recovery has been hard -- he says he won't give up.

"I mean I am going to push to do everything I can to get better. There are so many things I want to do that I can't do right now. I can't stand being on crutches or having to use anything to walk with," says Greg.

Three days a week in physical therapy he stretches, lifts and inches toward recovery. After every session, he's one step closer to walking on his own.

"I intend to get back to normal. I think the stronger I get, I will get back to normal," says Greg.

Greg even hopes that one day he will be able to get back on a bike.