First-Time Teachers Nervous About Starting School ,Too

The first day of school signals the end of the summer for kids and their parents. For Lee Ann Yates, it means starting her new job as a first-grade teacher.

"I have always loved kids," Lee Ann says. "I grew up with kids, they're exciting and their eyes light up when they're learning, and I love to see that."

Lee Ann is a first-time teacher, heading her first grade class at Birdwell Elementary. Just like her kids, she feels the butterflies.

"The kids are going to be nervous," she says. "I'm going to be a little bit nervous too, but that's okay. Together we'll learn that we can make it through the day."

While Lee Ann gets her room ready for her first class, one former teacher says she's just going through the same nervousness every other teacher goes through the first time she steps before her class.

"Every year we start over once again because it's just learning the kids," Birdwell Principal and former first-time teacher Donna Bundy says. "Each child learns differently, and our job as a teacher is to meet those needs."

Lee Ann says she's ready. She'll just take her place at the head of the class one day at a time.

"Start everyday with a new and great attitude," Lee Ann says. "It doesn't matter what happened the day before, just have a positive attitude and keep on learning."

It promises to be an education for everyone.

Reid Kerr ( reporting.