Jim Bogue Opens Gymbo

It seems that it's almost impossible these days to get kids away from the television and video games and get them to do a little exercise. But one East Texas man has set out to change that.

"Gymbo" may sound like a peculiar name but not when you realize the owner's name is Jim Bogue. The name of this place is only the first interesting thing you'll notice. The second is what kids do at Gymbo.

"It's a fitness center, training facility for kids," says Bogue.

It's the only one of it's kind, at least that we know of. at Gymbo kids of all ages get instruction on basketball, baseball, soccer and even weight lifting.

"There's like so many things to do here, to have fun with other people that you know. Mr. Jim is like really, really nice," says 9 year old Chris Peterson.

The third interesting thing about Gymbo is that there is a monthly fee once you join, but Jim says he's not going to turn you away if you can't afford it.

"Although we are a profit type organization, to keep my doors open it takes money, but what I need everybody to know is it's also for the community, the physically challenged, senior citizens. I'm not ever going to shut my door to a kid, I'm not going to do it," says Bogue.

Jim says Gymbo is to help kids get active through sports.

"It's sort of like you're exercising and having fun at the same time so you don't know that you're exercising you just know that you're having fun," says Brooke Cameron.

Between the name, the novelty, and the focus on kids, Jim Bogue is working on a winning combination with Gymbo.

Gymbo is located at 4800 Gilmer road, building 7 in Longview. Jim is looking for sponsors to help needy kids attend his center. For more information about how to be a sponsor or to join Gymbo call 903-399-4079.

Amy Tatum, reporting.