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Coach fights 'Head First' for a cure

by Coleman Swierc

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - There is nothing like a brother to talk football with.

For the first time in his life, Anthony DeCello had to watch alone.

"When the Steelers started the year, that was the hardest thing, to get my phone and not be able to text him, that's when it hurt the most."

Super Bowl 45 was harder than ever for the die-hard Steelers fan.

"They did not win that one, but the did win on January 23rd, which was his birthday."

Less than a year ago, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, DeCello's brother, lost his battle with cancer.

"We had our last talk on a Saturday night, and I came back to Texas on Sunday, and he passed away on that Thursday."

In his honor, the Lady Raiders head basketball coach, shaved his head.

Sparking a campus wide crusade against cancer.

"It was to get people to talk about my loss of hair and how different I looked, so it is just building from there," said DeCello.

"We have livestrong here, I started that organization here at school, and the kids are great in there, and it is just building."

Now, once a year, the home of Black and Red, turn a lighter color.

Senior night for the Lady Raiders, was also "Pink Out" night.

"It is just kind of a growing thing, everyone has pitched in, some people are bringing cakes and putting signs up when the found out about this just a few days ago."

And showing, that in some games, no matter the score, everyone wins.

"Its growing, and the Livestrong group her at school has gotten bigger and we have more kids here today," said DeCello, "It is just finding answers, and getting money for research, and every little bit helps."

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