Blender Bottle :"Does It Work?"

Have an occasional, protein shake to start your day? Maybe a milk shake at night or chocolate milk in the morning? Well, this week's "Does it Work?" product puts the shake, back in your morning routine.

The Blender Bottle, at first glance looks like any sports drink bottle. Ah, but there's a secret inside. A stainless steel ball designed to be a whisk. @@

The idea is, you pour in your stuff and let the whisk do the blending, while you provide the power. Yeah, it's going to be a little work, but you're drinking a protein shake, right?
And it's perfect if you're on the go or you want to save the money you would spend on a power blender. @

The Blender Bottle comes with a tiny, tiny cookbook with recipes for salad dressings and directions for making a scrambled egg omelet using this gadget. It's BPA free, which is good. The sturdy lid with drinking spout has a good seal. @

We poured part of our protein shake on our hands a the sink.  You could see some small chunks...but very few.  Overall, it did a good job blending both drinks we made.

Clean up was very easy.

The Blender Bottle dishwasher safe. We love it. "Does it Work?"  We give it a yes.

The Blender Bottle is around 10 dollars at Bed, Bath and Beyond.