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Is the destination worth the risk of making a trip?

By Jamey Boyum email

SMITH COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - With one more round of winter weather on the way there is a possibility Interstate 20 could become a parking lot again.

Precipitation will be a little different than last week when vehicles were backed up for miles Friday and Saturday. One East Texan said he spent 24 hours on I-20 trying to get home from Dallas.

There was one wreck after another because snow was packed into ice by traffic. As conditions worsened, some 18 wheelers couldn't make it up steeper hills, which brought everything to a standstill. TxDot officials advise keeping a lot of distance between you and the next vehicle, and brake extremely slowly. They also advise to take a moment before you leave.

Larry Krantz of the Texas Department of Transportation said," There are some people who aren't quite as experienced in it, and they make take more time. They may even think to themselves before they leave, is this trip going to be worth the risk. That's probably the question we should all be asking ourselves, before we go out into this kind of weather: Is the destination worth the risk of making this trip?"

Tex-Dot sand trucks have specific routes laid out in grids to cover areas that need sanding. I-20 and Highway 69 are priorities, and other roads like 271 and highway 31 fall close behind.

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