Super-Couponing Video Workshop at Tyler Public Library

Released by The City of Tyler:

TYLER, TX - Learn how to maximize grocery savings and purchase hundreds of dollars' worth of everyday supplies for just pennies at the Tyler Public Library, on Saturday, Feb. 19 from 2-4 p.m. in the Library's Taylor Auditorium.

Groceries comprise one of the largest parts of our entire household budgets. The Super-Couponing video workshop, featuring Chicago's Jill Cataldo, will teach the couponing secrets of the pros, including how to track sales and use coupons to their fullest potential. Coupon shoppers learn how to spend about a half-hour to an hour each week and reduce their grocery bills by 30 percent, 50 percent, 75 percent or more. A live long-distance question-and-answer session with Cataldo will follow the workshop.

"In life, we continually insist on the best prices for major purchases." says Cataldo. "We seek out the lowest price when buying a new car, booking the cheapest airfare or finding the best deal on a new television. And yet, where groceries are concerned, most people don't even give a second thought to what they're paying for them. They go to the store and accept $150 to $200 weekly grocery bills as part of life. But if you knew you could easily cut that grocery bill by half or better, still buying the groceries and products you want and need, why wouldn't you?"

In response to those who have asked her, "How can I do that?" Cataldo developed her Super-Couponing® workshops, which teach the techniques anyone can use to stretch their household funds. The workshop will cover topics such as: which stores allow customers to stack multiple coupons, how to track sales and discounts online and even—how to get stores to pay customers to shop!

Super-Couponing Queen

Cataldo, one of the premier coupon experts in the country, has lost count of the thousands of dollars she has received in grocery savings with coupons each year. Her couponing habits have captured the attention of ABC's Nightline, the CBS Early Show, ABC News, NBC News, Fox News, and many other media outlets.

Cataldo is the author of "Super-Couponing® Tips" (formerly "The Coupon Queen,") a weekly syndicated newspaper column devoted to couponing. Super-Couponing® Tips is read by over 20 million people nationwide. In 2010, she launched a video companion series to Super-Couponing Tips, featuring weekly, one-minute video coupon lessons that are widely syndicated online. She also maintains a blog about grocery savings at

Super-Couponing Swap

For those who can't get enough of coupons, the Tyler Public Library plans to follow up the workshop with a monthly Super-Couponing Swap. Possible dates and times will be discussed at the program on Feb. 19 and announced after the workshop.

The monthly swaps will provide a place where couponers can share their passion for saving with other like-minded shoppers. Swappers will be encouraged to bring their coupon files and trade coupons, spend time with other coupon lovers and share stories of great deals. Participants will also have access to the group's coupon file and swap boxes, another great way to pick up extra coupons.