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East Texan nearly kept out of Super Bowl

By Ryan Peterson - bio | email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) -    While one hundred thousand fans were enjoying the Super Bowl pre game party, East Texan Joel Heflin was stuck at the gate.

"It was like a dream," said Heflin, a die hard Packers fan.  "The lady in front of me, her ticket didn't scan. They told her to step to the side. My ticket didn't scan, they asked me to step to the side. Started seeing more people whose ticket didn't scan."

A small group turned into 300. The group grew to over one thousand.  Heflin says over the next 3 hours, the large group of fans was sent around the stadium.  Sent to Rangers Ballpark, then back to Cowboys Stadium.  Fans were assured the problem would be solved. Then they were given letters.  The letter stated that their tickets would not be good for the game. Things got ugly.

"It looked like it was going to get to physical altercations," said Heflin.  "People were screaming. People were on the phones with there attorneys. Grown men were crying. At that point I text my wife and said that's it, I'm not getting into the Super Bowl."

Most frustrating for Heflin was his ticket wasn't temporary seating. His ticket was actually good. No one would listen.  Heflin decided to approach a security guard and ask for an ATM machine. The guard agreed to escort Heflin to the ATM inside Cowboys Stadium.

"He looked me in the eye and stuck out his hand," said Heflin.  "I shook his hand, he said 'enjoy the game. You didn't see me.'"

Wouldn't you know it, Heflin was right. His seat was ready. His long afternoon was courtesy of a technical glitch.

"The official NFL staff every step of the way just passed the buck onto someone else," said Heflin.  "I was horrified by the way they treated us."

Heflin got to his seat in time to see his Packers win the Super Bowl. Small consolation for a long stressful day.

"If I was not a diehard Packers fan, and if they hadn't had won while I was there, it would be classified as one of the most miserable days of my life."

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