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Potholes, TxDOT's new road worry

By Annette Falconer –bio|email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) – Potholes continue to get bigger and bigger as more icy water falls into the cracks on the road.

TxDOT and the City of Tyler had crews out fixing potholes from last week's storm all day on Monday. Now, the forecast shows more wet weather on the way.

It's little cracks and holes that lead to a rough ride on the road. And winter weather only makes it worse.

"Being rough like it is, it's very frustrating. Especially when you're carrying something breakable or you have food with you or something like that. It's just very frustrating to go around all the potholes," said one driver.

Water is the biggest contributing factor.

"Anytime you have any kind of a crack or flaw in a hot surface, water penetrates that… water's only job is to find that crack and go to the lowest possible point," said TxDOT representative Larry Krantz.

Then it begins to crack all up.

"Water expands when it freezes, so it will just force small cracks into big ones, and larger cracks into actual holes, and once they start getting hit by cars, it's only a matter of time [before] they're just completely beated out and you have a pothole there," said Krantz.

Potholes can become very wide, even up to several feet. But, they're usually only a couple inches deep. If they become large enough, they can do damage to your vehicles.

"Kind of makes your alignment go out on your front end a little bit, or wear your tires a little bit," said driver Scotty Nichols.

The City of Tyler is aware of the wear and tear on cars and the importance of keeping the roads up to beat.

"That's why we respond to reports and actually look for potholes and get out and repair them promptly," says the Director of City of Tyler Utilities, Greg Morgan.

But, TxDOT says their budget could use a little lift.

"I think transportation funding is a blanket, and lately they blanket isn't big enough to cover head and feet," Krantz says.

The City of Tyler is spending more money on preventative maintenance, which goes a long way.

"As we spend more on preventative maintenance, we reduce the potential for having potholes, and reduces the number of potholes that we have to address," says Morgan.

Both TxDOT and The City of Tyler have had crews working on the roads, sealing the potholes all day on Monday. More crews will be out on Tuesday, to help protect the roads from the upcoming storm.

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